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Valor is a retention strategy company that develops state-of-the-art personalized content and training platforms, to reduce the cost of training and turnover for manufacturers.

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About Valor

Valor leverages content partnerships, an intuitive learning platform and scalable subscription pricing to save our customers tens of thousands of dollars. Training is built to fit your specific needs while contributing non proprietary content to a shared library of industry skills.






New Hires


How it works

As a contributing partner, your company would work alongside the Valor Team to build highly interactive training solutions for your company and industry. This type of training is absorbed faster and accommodates people that learn using different methods and speeds.

This approach allows Valor to:

  • Create lasting industry partnerships
  • Close the skills gaps throughout various industries
  • Meet industry demands faster
  • Offer partners custom training at a discounted rate
  • Continually update industry content
  • Deliver SaaS based training regardless of location or device
  • Integrate with any existing training you are currently doing

Why modernize your training?

During traditional training, employees forget 70% of what they are taught within 24 hours. Valor’s training platform elevates the overall employee experience and improves engagement, development and retention.

Technology changes fast, Valor stays ahead.

Valor is more than a training & content company. Our unique Co-op library model paired with our ability to design specific new hire and knowledge transfer training, makes Valor a welcomed change in the industry.

Our list of services are expanded as employers request new functionality. Here are the top features our customers love.

Find out where your new hire accels and where they may need additional attention. Pair the assessment with instant training to build on those skills to produce a faster ROI on new hires.

Employees learn in an environment where they will need to practice the knowledge and skills obtained during training. Valor helps reduce the time to comprehension by introducing your employees to prerequisite knowledge and visually appealing step by step instruction using interactive training. Multi language support is also added as needed.

If you have ever watched a training or safety video that has been purchased and is likely 15 years old, then you know why this is important.  Leave a lasting impression by showing your new and existing employees training videos that are created from within the workplace they are familiar with, using content that is applicable to them. Overloading new hires with video after video of training that is not directly applicable can cause employees to lose focus.

Hire with confidence with the knowledge that you can train someone who is willing to come to work everyday.  Reward a loyal employee with improved training to move up in the company, opening their entry level position to a new hire.  With Valor as your training partner, you can train your team more effectively and efficiently.

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