Product Features and Demonstration

Why choose Valor?

Valor Education Group is focused on closing the skills gap that has left thousands of manufacturing jobs open across the country through a digital training program designed to teach new hires. Creating these types of needed programs can be a large expense for companies to incorporate on their own.

Scenario-Based Training

Realistic Animations

Regular Assessments

Manufacturing Training

Ground Testing

Voltage Checks

Centrifuge Pump Maintenance

Features & Benefits of the Program

  • Built to be inviting to both males and females.
  • All content delivered in english and Spanish. Additional languages available by request.
  • Entry and exit assessments to track effectiveness.
  • Integration with ADP and other existing databases.
  • Pre hire pre-assessment - allows both of us to establish if a person would likely complete initial training (1-4).
  • We work with your training staff to improve and incorporate the training.
  • User reports and participation levels.
  • On call support - on site support - all training related matters.
  • Compliant with annual refrigeration training requirements.
  • Compliant with ADA
  • In training assessment data to help us adjust training.
  • Dynamic new hire data that can be used to adjust recruiting tactics.
  • Current data snapshot and comparison year over year and compare to industry averages.
  • As data is collected on the improvements, we will share them with you and advise changes to the training improve the statistics.
  • Adjustments and additions to content will be added ongoing based on new hire data and feedback from supervisors.
  • Will gain insightful Learning Analytics Data not currently available.
  • Our platform is cloud based, not browser or operating specific and mobile friendly.

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